About us

CJK Community Homes is an effective and powerful organization 501 (c)(3) that is committed to providing clean, safe, contemporary, and affordable housing and proven supportive case management services to low-income Pierce County residents to reduce the impact of poverty.

We offer affordable housing in private residences to families or a shared housing living arrangement for individuals. Supportive case management services will include connecting residents with our onsite mental health team to provide individual customized needs in conjunction with financial literacy education. Ultimately, we are striving to be part of creating Net Zero for homeless individuals in Pierce County.  

Our Services


Owned and operated by CJK Community Homes.  Affordable housing such as transitional facilities and permanent housing for low income individuals and families with various incomes.

Onsite Wrap Around Services

Services to assist individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to secure permanent housing, vocational training, financial literacy, and on-site mental health and life skill counseling.

Financial Literacy

Educate individuals and families to understand basic principles of finance: credit, budgeting, debt, savings, and investments to make wise decisions to improve financial wellbeing to establish and build generational wealth.


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